The ideas in The Natural Religion offer positive and forward-looking alternatives not based on supernatural beliefs, but based on practical knowledge and real information.

Senator David Norris

Sunday with Norris NewsTalk 106-108FM radio, broadcast 5th April 2009

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…a remarkable book… gentle and courteous.

…refreshing and more honest than any of the religions I know…

…you confront the two most fundamental aspects of human life, which are sex and death…

…you are remarkably honest about human sexuality… you don’t hide anything, you describe it in a completely honest and realistic way, it all sounds so natural and ordinary and it is all such good sense.

You brake down barriers between human animals and other animals, and have respects for our cousins …

…leaves my religious faith quite in tact because it is founded on the theological principle of the necessity of doubt.”

Bob Rees

Book review in Humanism Ireland magazine, No.114, January-February 2009. 

The Natural Religion written by Brendan Connolly and published in Trim, Co Meath, describes a reasoned worldview which has much in common with Secular Humanism…

…assertions are drawn only after reasoned consideration of the pros and cons of each topic, leading to sensible conclusions that most Humanists would vigorously support…

I found The Natural Religion interesting, entertaining and informative, and as a Humanist I agreed heartily with most of the The Natural Religion…”

Amazon Books Review

5 Stars – An essential and admirable Handbook – to Connolly Convictions. May 7th, 2009, By Inez Leo, Format:Paperback

A beautifully written, logical and thought-provoking book. A most accessible approach to a very profound subject. It is an essential read for anyone who has “leaped over the wall” of recognised orthodox religions – and is finding an isolated and lonely path to philosphical reality. Brendan Connolly has done us all a great favour, both in his clear and bi-partisan approach to his subject … and also, in the neat, dark-printed highlights with which he concludes each chapter. An indispensable book. It will join my green-covered Humanist Philosophy (by Dick Spicer) as a valuable guide out of the tangle of residual “conventional” residual beliefs in the unbelievable (ie unbelievable to those who do not have the comfort of “The Faith”).

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