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The Natural Religion
deals with the reality of our lives. It does not have any spiritual or supernatural beliefs of any kind. It is The Natural Religion because it is not a supernatural religion.

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natural religion

Dr Brendan Connolly was born in The Netherlands. He studied Zoology and Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin, and completed a Ph.D. in Zoological Ecology at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He subsequently worked as Fishery Biologist with the Salmon Research Agency of Ireland and the Irish Central Fisheries Board. Specialising in Human Ecology, he then carried out research on fishing communities in Ireland and The Netherlands, while based in the Anthropology Department of Leiden University. Connolly spent more than 10 years researching and writing The Natural Religion.


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The Natural Religion

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The Natural Religion suggests answers and explanations using up-to-date knowledge about our own existence and life in general. It is a fact-religion, not a faith-religion, which encourages reasoning rather than having dogmatic beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. It suggests answers to the great questions that traditional religions either did not discuss at all, or for which they could only guess the answers.

Religions exist all around the world, but millions of people are not taking traditional beliefs seriously anymore and are leaving established religions. Despite this, we continue to look for answers. This means, not that we don’t need religion, we just need a better one.

We have morals and ethics for practical reasons, not just because of spiritual beliefs. Crimes harm people, permissive sex has health risks, helping others is psychologically rewarding, and cooperation with others can achieve more than each working on their own.

The Natural Religion
also focuses on such emergencies as needing to produce enough food for an extra 100 million people each year, and that we need to alleviate poverty worldwide - essential to the poor, and also of benefit to the rich. The aim of The Natural Religion is to improve our quality of life both on a personal and a community level; it reintroduces realistic idealism to a world more and more influenced by cynicism.

The Natural Religion
uses knowledge we can take seriously from science, psychology, philosophy, arts, economics, politics, etc., and deals with the following subjects:
• Points out the real reasons why cultures all round the world created religions, and distinguishes these from the supernatural and spiritual facades.
• What life is and why it exists.
• Death, its psychological impact, and role in our lives.
• Where we humans came from, and why we are the way we are.
• Making choices, making mistakes and being happy.
• An honest look at our sex lives, showing its far reaching and full, often subconscious, ramifications.
• The reasons for, and consequences of, our booming world population.
• Economics, its uses and misuses.
• Our choices in politics, war, and leadership.
• How our consciousness is our reality.

The Natural Religion
offers a real choice in religion.

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